Writing as a Career: Knowledge to help you succeed by Shirley Lopez

    Monday, December 26th, 2016

    Author: Shirley Lopez

    Genre: Non-Fiction

    Series: N/A


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    Writing from home as a career can be very successful with the right information and proper equipment. The ends and outs of how to get employment, write articles, books, or blogs. How to get links to your website and much more is made available. I tell the whole story about being a writer. Find out how to get paid and where to find employment, Successful writers last over the years! Become an expert and enjoy working from home. No website to join find your information in one book.
    Today it is your turn to make Social Media pay for you as a writer. Enjoy being a writer, staying at home with your family, and earning a very lucrative income. It is great for those who do not like driving in cities or major highways. Communication is one of the major occupations today. Get into the field and find out how it will pay for you. Social Media accounts, writing agencies, and major publishers are waiting to read your works. So join the group of writers today contributing your works.

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