El Diablo by John Glasby (ePUB)(MOBI)

El Diablo by John Glasby

English| 2016|Mystery/Thriller/Western|Series:N/A| 682 KB

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Slim Keene rides into Texas, to the small town of Canders Bend…

He’s there to meet an old friend of his, Jim Lehr.

But Jim has been killed, hanged for a crime he would never have committed.

Slim Keene may have ridden into town but it’s his alter ego, El Diablo, that goes out for revenge.

But revenge on who?

There’s more than just one man to blame, but it seems like Bart Hagerman is the man who set Jim’s death in motion.

But Hagerman is a powerful figure in Canders Bend and if Slim wants his revenge, he’ll need all the help he can get.

The only question is, will anyone side with a man who calls himself the Devil?

The streets of Canders Bend echo with the sound of gunshots in this epic tale about friendship, honour and revenge.