Evading The Shadows by Rajesh M. Iyer (ePUB)(MOBI)

Evading The Shadows by Rajesh M. Iyer

English| 2016|Mystery/Thriller|Series: N/A | 1.16 MB

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India. Circa 3100 B.C.

As the thirteenth year of their exile dawns, the Pandavs realise a dangerous game unfolding, with hundreds of Kaurav spies trying to hunt them down by exposing their secret identities.

Kedipal, one of the Kaurav spies, has stumbled upon a clue that could spell doom for the Pandavs.

Duryodhan smells blood. It means a world to him; unquestioned domination for thirteen more years.

Pandavs though aren’t completely oblivious to the danger looming large. They know that uncovering their identities means another round of exile, as decided during the game of dice. Will the Pandavs be as lucky as they were in the past?

Hush! Don’t read so loud. Kaurav spies are everywhere. You don’t want the Pandavs to get caught, do you?

Showcasing a little known segment of the much-chronicled epic with taut, edge-of-the-seat narrative, the action-packed spy thriller intends to draw readers into the amazing universe called Mahabharata.